Do I Need SEO Really?

Picture all the visitors to the website as a huge pie. 50 percent of the pie is going to come from search engines like Google for the average website. Search engines are a discovery tool, which ensures that the website is found for the first time by all of these website users. You can also see each other's traffic channels (email, social media, etc.) expand as more and more people discover your website from search engines. In other words, the rest of your pie will also get smaller as this part of your pie gets bigger.

How can I strengthen the authority of my website?

The best way to boost the authority of your website is to get links to your site from other authoritative websites in your industry.As the best indication that your website is trustworthy, Google looks at the other websites that connect back to you. Google looks at the amount of backlinks you have and the trustworthiness of these websites. Think here about consistency over quantity. One New York Times link will help you rate your website substantially higher than a link from 50 brand new blo

How can I boost the relevancy of my website?

The brief response is to do all that we mentioned in this article on SEO audits. Begin by finding the terms and phrases your customers are looking for online and updating your copy of the website to better represent those words and phrases.Try collaborating with some of the following keyword analysis tools to find the greatest keyword goals for your company for more advanced SEO.For header tags, title tags, alternative text, inlinks, etc., add these words and phrases.

What parts of SEO should I first concentrate on?

Talking to an SEO expert to get their opinion would be our best advice here. Having said that a good general rule of thumb is to verify the domain authority of your website using a reputed toolbar. In most cases, you can concentrate on the authority side of SEO if the authority of your site is less than 40 (i.e. getting more reputable websites to link to you). If the authority of your site is greater than 70, concentrate on the SEO importance side of (setting up a proper SEO foundation). If your site falls in the middle somewhere, then do a search for five of your biggest rivals and equate your domain authority with theirs. If the authority of your domain is greater than theirs, then it is probably best to concentrate on importance. If your domain authority is smaller than theirs, it is probably better to concentrate on the authority.


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