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Spotpixel is committed to finding out about and understanding your business. In this present reality where all the organizations are associated with the web, an expertly structured and upgraded site assumes a significant role in the achievement of any association. This is on the grounds that your site is a store or identity to your potential customers where they can find & achieve all kinds of information, requirements through the web. To do help you with this we come into the picture.

By building a relationship with every one of our customers, we can guarantee our showcasing procedure is worked with the sole focal point of tackling the issues your business faces.

Every one of our showcasing efforts is worked in light of the customer's needs to take care of the best-promoting issues. While various online organizations share a comparative vision, we separate ourselves by the advancement we get. We guarantee this standard of our administration conveyance is met each time we take into account a customer.

Spotpixels has achieved a few accomplishments in the zones of web Designing, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, web promoting, PPC, Facebook Ads and so on. As it were, it gives its entire scope of IT services to tackle the intensity of innovation. We endeavor to convey first-class benefits that prepare our customers to turn into the market chief and accomplish an edge over the challenge.

Our Process

Website Plan, Design, Build And Launch Process


Recognize your intended interest group, suitable site tone, and objectives.Thoroughly consider how you might want your site to have the option to work.All the more explicitly, what highlights should be on your site? The manner in which your site looks and feels is similarly as significant as what it can do. This is the most essential step when you plan to design and develop your website.

There are various aspects of web designing that need to be taken under consideration such as, the look of the site, content, graphic, layout, and many more. To gain an explicit view of the website, you need to understand the current trends of the market and customer requirements. We at spot pixel believe in engaging with the customers to get their opinion about the same. Our plans are made a customer-centric basis on the modifications provided by the customer.


Assign roles as per strategy to Web developers, Content writer and/or editor, HTML/CSS professional, Web and graphic designer.Create a content strategy for What sort of substance will you show on your site ?

It is said images do the speaking; it depends on how you want to make your website look appealing. For implementing the best design, you need to strategize your creation.

Placement of elements is an art and your main aim is to make it user friendly for the customer. The art of executing is when you have made your design convenient and smart.


Building site according to all procedures and plans utilizing collaboration is chiefly featured in our work.We generally center around standers method for building a site like responsive planning and test it out. This comes when you have managed to plan and create a design for your website.

Design and Building function hand in hand. Once you decided on a design, website building does the execution. Placing the elements in the right place and the right manner is a crucial part and that is why you need a proper implementation or build for your website.


To launch a website, you need to have your design and built aligned. It helps you conceptualize all the processes you need to do after you have set everything in order.

The process starts right from setting a domain name, maintaining files, developing codes, and many more. This is the beta phase of your website, wherein this stage you are testing it for any errors or changes. Make sure you make your website user friendly and accessible to consumers.

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